Fantastic 74 Animation Effects Widget


Image of Fantastic 74 Animation Effects Widget

Image of Fantastic 74 Animation Effects Widget
Image of Fantastic 74 Animation Effects Widget

Animate your Adobe Muse website with 74 animation effects using the Fantastic 74 Animation Effects Widget.

Built using the simple yet powerful animate.css library!

Features Include:

  • Choose from 74 different animations
  • Set the duration of the animation
  • Add a delay to the animation before it starts
  • Set how many times you would like the animation to repeat
  • Infinitely loop the animation
  • Add to any element on your Adobe Muse website
  • Lightweight for your website

Trigger Animations:

  • On Load
  • On Start
  • On Hover
  • On Click
  • On Scroll


Fantastic 74 Widget - 1.1:

  • New widget interface.
  • Added delay option so you can make your animation start after a certain amount of time. Time is in milliseconds so 1 second = 1,000 milliseconds.
  • Added the “On Load” option for an animation start. This will load all the contents of the website first and then the animation will play.
  • Updated Easing Functions.
  • New Iteration option - set how many times you would like the element to animate.
  • Animations now animate correctly from the center.
  • Updated code.

Fantastic 74 Widget - 2.0 - 8-2-2016:

  • New widget setup.
  • Animations take up less code in the back-end.
  • Fixed issue with animations not animating across breakpoints.
  • New ‘On Scroll’ setup.
  • Ability to add indicators for ‘On Scroll.’ This allows you to see where the element will animate within the browser.
  • New ‘Fade In’ and ‘Fade Out’ options.
  • ‘On Load’ animations do not appear before animation starts.
  • Abbreviated widget names for easier access when searching in the library panel.
  • Instructions included within the widget for easy reference on how to use the widget.

Fantastic 74 Widget - 2.2 - 11-22-2016:

  • Fixed issue with not being able to add multiple ‘On Load’ animations.
  • ‘On Hover’ animations now play through the entire animation even when leaving the mouse off of the element.
  • Ability to fade out “On Load” animations.
  • Ability to disable animations at a certain breakpoint.
  • Fixed issue with widgets getting taller in height on Windows computers.
  • Fixed issue with elements disappearing in Firefox and Safari when adding a 100% width rectangle in Adobe Muse (only applies to certain animations).
  • Graphic style name added with widget cover to make it easy to distinguish what widget pertains to what element and animation.

Fantastic 74 Widget - 2.3 - 2-27-2018:

  • Added two new animations - headShake and jackInTheBox.
  • New “On Scroll” setup.
  • On Scroll animations with the same graphic style name will now animate individually when scrolled to.
  • Fixed issue with elements not animating On Scroll across breakpoints.
  • The widget now uses CDN technology to help your website load faster.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Updated code.