Parallax Image Background Widget

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Image of Parallax Image Background Widget

Image of Parallax Image Background Widget

Add parallax image backgrounds to your Adobe Muse website with the Parallax Image Background Widget from Muse For You.

Features Include:

  • Apply to any rectangle on your Adobe Muse website
  • Set the height of the image
  • Set the position of the image
  • Set the speed of the image
  • Works in Responsive Design and Adaptive Design in Adobe Muse
  • Becomes a static image on mobile devices
  • For desktop, and laptops


Parallax Image Background - 1.1:

  • Removed the image height option. The parallax image will now be the height of the rectangle.
  • Instructions included within the widget for easy reference on how to use the widget.

Simply add the widget to your Adobe Muse website, add graphic styles to elements, style with the widget options, and done!