Preloader Widget


Image of Preloader Widget

Image of Preloader Widget

Load your website in style with the Preloader Widget from Muse For You. Easily Add a Preloader to your Adobe Muse website with this widget.

Add an SVG Preloader

Use an animated SVG file for your preloader.

Add a GIF Preloader

Use an animated GIF file for your preloader.

Add an Image Preloader

Use a .png or .jpg image for a preloader.

Set Delay

Set a delay for the preloader so it lasts longer after the website is loaded.

Background Color

Add a background color behind your preloader.

Background Image

Add a background Image behind your preloader.

Simply install widget, drag onto your Adobe Muse website from the Library Panel, and style with the widget options.



Preloader Widget - 1.1 - 9-27-2016:

  • New widget interface.
  • Ability to set the size of the pre-loader within the widget.
  • Pre-loader now stays on top regardless of the layer that it is in.
  • Fixed issue with widget getting taller in height on Windows computers.