Snap! (Snap Scrolling) Widget


Image of Snap! (Snap Scrolling) Widget

Image of Snap! (Snap Scrolling) Widget
Image of Snap! (Snap Scrolling) Widget

Add snap scrolling to your Adobe Muse website with the Snap! Widget from Muse For You. For desktops and laptops.

Features Include:

  • Add to Responsive and Adaptive website layouts
  • Set the snap scrolling speed
  • Set an offset before or after the snap-to anchor points
  • Choose from 32 different easing options for your snap scrolling

Simply add the widget to your Adobe Muse website, style with the widget options, and done!

The preview page is using the following widgets:
  • Muse Motion 2
  • Snap! Widget
  • Particles.js Widget 1.2
  • Responsive Side Menu Widget 1.2
  • Font Awesome for Adobe Muse Widget


Snap! - 3/29/2016:

  • Ability to enable the snap scroll at a certain breakpoint.
  • Fixed issue where snap scrolling was interfering with the scrolling on smaller devices.

Snap! 1.1 - 8/22/2016:

  • New widget setup.
  • Ability to use snap scrolling on mobile devices.
  • Ability to disable snap scrolling at a certain breakpoint.
  • Transparent sections are no longer needed in fluid-width design.
  • Fixed issue with widgets getting taller in height on Windows computers.
  • Instructions included within the widget for easy reference on how to use the widget.
  • Updated Code.