Video Player 2.0 Widget


Image of Video Player 2.0 Widget

Image of Video Player 2.0 Widget
Image of Video Player 2.0 Widget
Image of Video Player 2.0 Widget
Image of Video Player 2.0 Widget

The Video Player 2.0 Widget allows you to add a responsive video player to your Adobe Muse website. Add HTML5 video, YouTube video, Vimeo video, and audio. The video player uses a 16:9 aspect ratio. You can change the corner radius of the video player, customize the color of the icons within the video player, and much more!

Features Include:

  • Add HTML5 Video
  • Add YouTube and Vimeo Videos
  • Use video player as an audio player.
  • Set the video player to a custom size
  • Set the video player to 100% width
  • Have the video player be responsive and set the max-width
  • Lightweight
  • Customize the colors of the video player
  • Change the corner radius of the video player
  • Add captions to the video player
  • Enable or disable control buttons
  • Play or pause video when clicking on video player
  • Enable control tooltip
  • Enable seek tooltip
  • Hide controls
  • Show poster image when video is finished
  • Disable right click on video
  • Display duration of the video
  • Set the video to fullscreen
  • Autoplay Video
  • Loop Video
  • Video plays on mobile

Video Converter

Website to convert your .MP4 video to .WEBM and .OGG -

Free Stock Videos


Video Player 2.0 Widget - 8-8-2016:

  • Fixed issue with video player causing the contact forms in Adobe Muse to look different. - Just replace "Add First" widget.

Video Player 2.0 Widget - 2.1 - 8-25-2016:

  • Fixed issue with videos not displaying correctly when in Fullscreen mode.
  • Responsive settings can now be set with the built-in Adobe Muse “Resize” options.
  • Fixed issue with widget getting taller in height on Windows computers.
  • Updated Code.

Video Player 2.0 Widget - 2.2 - 10-12-2016:

  • Updated code.
  • Bug fixes.

Video Player 2.0 Widget - 2.3 - 10-24-2016:

  • Fixed issue with YouTube video not becoming fullscreen.
  • Fixed issue with Vimeo videos not playing on all browsers.
  • Updated code.

Video Player 2.0 Widget - 2.4 - 12-08-2016:

  • Performance Improvements.
  • Updated code.

Simply add the widget to your Adobe Muse website, add video, customize with widget options, and done!