Wave Menu Widget


Image of Wave Menu Widget

Image of Wave Menu Widget
Image of Wave Menu Widget

Add a fully responsive wave menu to your Adobe Muse website. This menu responds to the browser width and animates when you open it.

Features Include:

  • Fully Responsive Menu
  • Wave animation when you open menu
  • Customize all colors in the menu
  • Add up to 6 menu items
  • Choose from over 600 Font Awesome Icons for menu icons
  • Change text with the Adobe Muse Built-In text feature
  • Link to anchor points, internal pages, and external pages
  • Set the scrolling speed to anchor points
  • Add scroll easing when scrolling to anchor points


Wave Menu Widget - 1.1:

  • New widget interface.
  • Ability to make any of the colors transparent.

Wave Menu Widget - 1.2:

  • Fixed issue where menu was causing forms in Adobe Muse to look different.

Wave Menu Widget - 1.3 - 1-16-2017:

  • New Widget Interface.
  • Ability to add an image for the menu open and menu close buttons.
  • Ability to set the size for the menu open and menu close button.
  • Ability to add an open button hover image.
  • Ability to rotate the open button on hover.
  • Ability to close menu when clicking on links.
  • Ability to close menu when clicking on the menu.
  • Ability to add spacing between menu items.
  • Ability to enable or disable icons.
  • Icons can now be added by entering the icon name from Font Awesome.
  • Ability to add tracking (letter-spacing) to text in menu.
  • Ability to add text decoration to menu items on hover.
  • Ability to open links a new page.
  • Included “Linking - More Info” section for easy reference on linking menu items.
  • Included reference on how to change the font for the menu within the widget.
  • Updated code.

Wave Menu Widget - 1.3 - 1-30-2017:

  • Performance Improvements.
  • Updated code.

Simply add the widget to your Adobe Muse website, style the menu with the widget options, add links, and done!