Ultimate Video Widget

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Image of Ultimate Video Widget

Image of Ultimate Video Widget
Image of Ultimate Video Widget
Image of Ultimate Video Widget
Image of Ultimate Video Widget
This widget has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Please visit the Complete Video Widget for a complete set of video widgets.

Click here to go to the Complete Video Widget.

Are you looking to add video backgrounds to your Adobe Muse website? Well now you can with the Ultimate VIdeo Widget. You can autoplay the video or trigger the video on scroll. There are 3 widgets included with this widget. They are:

  • Fullscreen Video - Add a fullscreen video that fits the entire browser. Autoplay video or trigger video On Scroll.
  • Full-Width and Custom Size Video - Fit video inside any rectangle created in Adobe Muse. Works with the built in Adobe Muse "Resize" option so you can set the video to:

    • 100% Width
    • Responsive Width
    • Responsive Width and Height
    • Set to not be change with the browser width

    Great if you'd like to showcase multiple videos side by side. Autoplay video or trigger video On Scroll.

Also included in each widget is the option to add a color overlay over the video with an opacity, add a mesh overlay, loop the video, mute the audio, change volume of audio, set the playback rate, and change the x and y position of the video within its container.

If you are looking to add video to your Adobe Muse website this is the widget for you.

Video Converter

Website to convert your .MP4 video to .WEBM and .OGG - Miro Video Converter

Free Stock Videos


Ultimate Video Widget - 1.1:

  • Ability to add a mesh overlay over the video. Select an image for the overlay or enter in the Base64 code from patternify.com to overlay a mesh image.

Ultimate Video Widget - 1.2:

  • Ability to trigger videos On Scroll.

Ultimate Video - 2.0 - 8/29/2016:

  • New widget interface.
  • New widget setup.
  • New widget cover.
  • Videos are now added by assigning a graphic style name to a rectangle. This allows the video to inherit the responsive options in Adobe Muse.
  • Fullscreen video is now centered.
  • Ability to disable the fullscreen video at a specific breakpoint.
  • Instructions included within the widget for easy reference on how to use the widget.
  • Abbreviated widget names for easier access when searching in the library panel. The abbreviation is “UVW” which stands for “Ultimate Video Widget.”
  • Fixed issue with widgets getting taller in height on Windows computers.
  • Updated Code.

Ultimate Video - 2.1 - 11/28/2016:

  • Performance improvements.
  • Ability to have the fullscreen on scroll video paused initially.
  • Updated code.